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Rules for Logo Use

With so many veterinary professionals and retailers recommending Hills pet food products, we've made our logos available online to retrieve. Use of our logos and product descriptions must only be in connection with the sale and/or recommendation of Hill's brand pet food products. We require you to review and agree to abide by the following rules for logo use.

Required Text

Each logo must be accompanied by the following text: Hills Pet Nutrition has a mission to help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets. Learn more about Science Diet and Prescription Diet pet foods at


The logos must serve as a link to our site


The Hill's company and product logos are available for online use only in the sizes provided. These logos have been modified, optimized, selected or created specifically for the computer screen. Do not use any Hill's logos in sizes larger or smaller than those provided on these pages, as the integrity of the logo may suffer.


There is no need to stack the Hill's company logo above or below the logos for Hill's products, such as Hill's Science Diet. These product logos have the Hill's company visual already included as a core element of their design. Following this guideline helps give your page maximum visual impact.


Clear Space
Please frame all Hill's logos with an appropriate amount of "clear space" around the graphic. Do not place Hill's logos on top of other visual elements on your page, and do not place other elements on top of the Hill's logos. This helps maintain the visual power of the logos, giving your page maximum impact while enhancing the value of the Hill's brand.


Please do not make graphic alterations to any Hill's logo. They are for use only as provided on this site. Our logos have been designed to reflect our goals, reputation and values, and they must be used consistently to further enhance the value of the Hill's brand.

Monitoring Logo Use

For more than 50 years, we've been building the Hill's brand through quality pet food products. It's important to us that we protect the brand we've worked so hard to create. We ask that you follow our simple guidelines when using any logo of the Hill's company or our products. We will view all sites using these logos to ensure proper use. If the logos are not used properly, we reserve the right to immediately revoke any and all rights given to the site owner to use the Hill's brand logos.

Referring to Hills Pet Food Products

The trademarks HILL'S, SCIENCE DIET and PRESCRIPTION DIET, as well as any other Hill's trademarks, must be properly used in order to ensure their continued protection. Please do not use them in connection with any other brand of pet products. Also, please avoid using them generically or descriptively because it may weaken the trademark.


Examples of proper and improper use:
Improper use: "A prescription diet may contribute to your dog's well being."
Proper use: "Use of Hills Prescription Diet brand pet foods may contribute to your dog's well being."